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Our first hand experience of building solutions means we are able to help you build,
identify and manage the right solution for the needs of your business.


Uptic's consultants are the glue between cloud technology and business digital transformation to the cloud. We help our customers minimize the technical debt when transferring to the cloud and allow you to gain the maximum competitive edge needed to get IT services out faster than ever before.


At Uptic we automate security management, system deployment and threat detection using our compliance as a service offering. It allows you to focus on whats important, while being able to ensure systems are compliant and tamper proof against unplanned changes and constantly minimizing your attack surface.


In the modern cloud connected world, no good time exists to be disconnected. With our Managed Networking solutions for branch office locations, discover how we can detect and mitigate network issues, provide the best WI-FI coverage and keep your team happy and connected.


Like many of our customers you probably face the challanges of costly, lengthy and delayed software deployments which are error prone, complicated and inflexible. We actively support developers using CI/CD workflows, DTAP, and Rapid prototyping workflows to automate the common pains and complexities of software deployment away while minimizing the risk of customer outages and business impact in the process.


Operations are critical to your business but are not the core of it, that's why as Uptic we built an entire Managed Solutions Department that can maintain your operations, manage your cloud environments and are always ready to help you keep your business critical operations on-line and stable.

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